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Improve Sales

Customers love pictures. A customer is much more likely to buy from you and return to your place, if you are not forcing them think too much and use their imagination when deciding what to order reading the list of ingredients.

Get New Customers

Customers look up food places online. If you don't have an online menu - your food can't be discovered. Share your MenuStripe link on Yelp, Google, Yellow Pages, Instagram, TikTok and become disciverable.

Stop the Profit Sharing

Most customers would rather order online than call you. Stop profit sharing with ordering apps. Sell your own items right from your own menu without paying 3rd party transaction fees or purchasing any expensive equipment.

Highly Optimized

Search Engine Optimizations

MenuStripe allows you to apply SEO optimizations, such as metatags and page title, to allow your restaurant rank better on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Super Fast Loading

MenuStripe has an overall Google Speed Score of 95-99, which provides your customers with the best shopping experience they could get.

Device Optimizations

Your MenuStripe page is perfectly optimized to scale beautifully on all device types: mobile phones, tablets and desktops. This provides your customers with the best shopping experience possible.

Menu Pages

Create a menu in minutes

Effortlessly create beautiful menu pages without any special skills. Easily create single items or categories by adding an item description and a picture.

No transaction fees

MenuStripe does not charge you a transaction fee. You only pay transaction fees associated with your payment processor. We accept Stripe or PayPal.

Professional support

Our team will help you transfer your paper menu into a digital menu within 24 hours. Simply send us your PDF menu and we will take care of the rest, free of charge.

Live Orders

Order management

You don't need any special equipment to manage orders. All new and pending orders are dynamically updated and can be viewed in your MenuStripe dashboard from the kitchen on a PC, tablet or a mobile phone.

Live orders

Each order can be viewed, deleted or marked as complete by the kitchen staff right from your dashboard.

Receive order emails

If you prefer email, you can receive email notifications as soon as a new order is placed and paid.

Professional Analytics

Get deeper insights

View deep analytics about your menu clicks, see what web sites are referring your traffic, receive weekly email analytics reports to see how your business is doing.

Order statistics

See which items or item combinations sell the best and which sell the worst.

Item statistics

You can not only view analytics on a menu level, but also on per-item level.

All Plans Include

The following are the standard features that all price plans include:


Unlimited items and categories. Create as many items and item categories as you'd like.


Full analytics. Get actionable analytics about clicks, orders, referrers, devices used, user languages and more.


Weekly e-mail reports. Receive weekly email visitor reports to see how your business is doing.


Generate invoices. The system can automatically generate invoices for every transaction, which are stored and can be printed at a later time.


QR code generator. A fully functional QR code generator for your menu URL, which can be customized with your logo and printed.


Order queue. If you enable the ordering system, you can manage all orders right in your MenuStripe dashboard. No need for specialized equipment.

People ❤ MenuStripe

MenuStripe is built to help business earn more and to improve their customer's experience. Hundreds of restaurants and businesses use MenuStripe every day, driving traffic to their establishment from Google Maps, Yelp and other search engines.

I have recently set up an online menu for my restaurant and I am really happy so far. My customers can see all of our menu items with pictures and descriptions.

Menuel Zimmerman

Surwell Foods

We have completely ditched our paper menus and switched to QR menus via MenuStripe. Our customers love the simplicity of our web site and rarely ask for a paper menu.

Donna Guerrero


Just replaced paper menus for MenuStripe's web-based menu service. We seamlessly take orders from customers. We've got a little tablet in the kitchen, which shows our chef all new orders. Very convenient.

Nicolas Scott

Urban Foody

We are very exited to switch to an online menu system. The amont of traffic we get has definitely increased. Customers find us on Google and Yelp, through our listing and a linked MenuStripe site.

Rick Stokes

Rick & Marston Foods

OMG, the amount of customers we now get to come to our location from Instagam and TikTok is incredible. We've shared our MenuStripe web site link on all social platforms and it's been a game-changer for us.

Kenny Barker


My lunch truck just had the names of our items, and our customers had a hard time understanding what they were ordering. I spent a lot of time explaining each entre. After switching to an QR menu from MenuStripe, the whole process is so smooth, beyond belief.

Danny Perez


Easy to use

MenuStripe is very easy to set up. You don't need any programming skills to get started.

Reliable hosting

MenuStripe privides you with very fast, reliable and secure hosting. This means faster and predictable load times for your menu.

E-Mail reports

Receive tailored weekly visitor analytics reports. Compare analytics from previous weeks.

In-depth analytics

In-depth visitor and sales analytics. Pick any date range to compare your establishment's performance for any period.

Track marketing conversions

Set up conversion goals and UTM parameters to measure marketing campaign outcomes from the first click to the final conversion.

Port in your domain

Would like to use your own domain name? No problem. MenuStripe supports custom domains as well.

No, you don't. MenuStripe does not charge you a transaction fee. Note that you will still be charged a small fee per each transaction by your payment processor. MenuStripe supports Stripe and PayPal. At the time of writing of this Q/A, the transaction fees vary between 3.5% +35c per transaction (but this could change at any time) Please check with Stripe and PayPal for the current transaction fee structure.

No, you don't need any programming skills to get started with MenuStripe. If you can type numbers and letters into pre-defined boxes and upload pictures, you can get started with MenuStripe. Don't forget that our team will be happy to assist you any time.

Yes, absolutely! You can start with the STARTER plan, which allows you to create a menu web site and upgrade to the PRO plan later. The PRO plan includes the ordering system.

Yes, you would need to register for a Stripe or PayPal account at first and then upgrade to the PRO plan. We provide very detailed instructions on how to connect your respective merchant account to your MenuStripe. Our support team will also be happy to guide you with the connection process, but not the Stripe or PayPal account creation. It is rather simple.

We offer a 7-day trial. You may also request a demo, and one of our helpful experts will get in touch with you to show off the system, potentially transfer your current menu and give you access to test out your new menu to ensure it is a right fit for you.

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