What do You Need to Start a Taco Truck Business

Do you have a dream of owning your own business? Maybe you're a taco aficionado who would love to turn their hobby into a business, or maybe you just want to make some extra cash on the side. A taco truck might be the perfect way to do so!

Taco trucks can serve many purposes, from building an income with low overhead cost, to providing customers with delicious food options that are less common than standard fast food. Here are some tips for starting your very own taco truck business:

-Look for inexpensive real estate in densely populated areas and work closely with the landlord. 

-Use an online service like Square Reader so customers can pay via credit card at your location.

-Design a solid marketing strategy, and let your customers know that your truck is there to serve them.

-Try out different food combinations to find exactly what customers want.

-Spend time talking to people who eat at taco trucks regularly and listen to their suggestions for what they would like to see on your menu.

-Offer the same quality of ingredients and preparation that you would in a high end restaurant.

-Offer daily specials, this will keep your customers returning to your truck.

-Organize a method for storing food in the refrigerator and freezer of the truck. 

-Designate an area in the back of the truck where employees can wash their hands before eating or handling food.

-Get a good support team going. This includes an attorney, a CPA and an insurance agent, as well as your employees.

-If possible, develop a schedule for your employees so that you can take some time off.

-Set up a payment method for the food so that customers can pay online or in person at the truck.

-Remember to have fun! If you don't enjoy what you're doing it will be difficult to succeed in your taco truck business.

-Look into restaurant equipment financing to support the purchasing of pots, pans and other necessary items for your business.

-Check out restaurant franchises for ideas for your own truck and what may work best in your area.

-Try out different locations so you can find the perfect spot for your business.

-Remember to have fun, as long as you enjoy what you do it will be easier to succeed!

Some of the most important aspects of a Taco Truck business is having a web site to drive traffic from Google, Yelp and Social media. You also need a payment processor to accept payments.

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