Meaningful and Unique Restaurant Names

Do you want to start a restaurant, but don't know how to come up with a good name for it? With the suggestions in this article, you'll find that inspiration is just around the corner.

Before coming up with your own clever moniker for your eatery, have a look at these 15 names of other restaurants and see if any of them spark your imagination.

Schleppy's: This restaurant is fun for families and kids, but it's also a food lover's dream. The owners of Schleppy's in Oakland, California, named the eatery after their three dogs.

Duck Duck Goose: Yes, there are many variations on this term that refer to geese. But the Butterball Turkey Farm in East Flat Rock, Tennessee is the only place with an establishment called Duck Duck Goose.

Griggs Maid: This country grocery store chain out of North Carolina was named after its founder Mr. Griggs and his wife Mrs. Griggs.

Champs Diner: When Champs restaurant on Route 66 in Oklahoma City was closed for renovation in 2003, the owners wanted to call it something different – like "Pancakes" or "Coffee Shop." But as luck would have it, the name stuck.

The Biscuit Factory: The Biscuit Company is a biscuit-making company that has been around since 1874 basically anywhere you look. The owner of The Biscuit Factory in Michigan picked the name when he saw an advertisement for an old factory behind his house. He thought the building looked like a factory with biscuits on its roof.

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Flaming Cheese: This restaurant could have had a more inventive name, but the owners of this Florida eatery are keeping it real. And real cheesy.

Stubby's Gastro Pub: Stubby's is a British-style pub that features great grub as well as beer and wine. The restaurant was named after owner Steve Stubbins' father-in-law who enjoyed talking about good food and drink. Stubby's Gastro Pub

The Livery: Bluegrass Livery Co., Inc. is the name of this establishment in Lexington, Kentucky. It is a private club for horse lovers who adore fine dining while watching classic horse shows or ordering their favorite pint of ale at the bar.

The Bird & The Bread: If you're looking for organic brunch food, you'll find it at this restaurant in Portland, Oregon. It's the latest addition to the city's busy restaurant scene, and it got its name from a nursery rhyme about a spiteful bird. The Bird & The Bread

The Butterfly Café: A bright and colorful café in Columbus, Ohio is called The Butterfly Café because it can be as much fun for kids as it is adults. The playfulness of the name fits in well with the eatery's décor.

The Muffin Top: The owners of The Muffin Top Bakery in North Carolina, where the meal is served "hot outta the oven," wanted to display a unique character that was catchy and cute. The bakery also is a family-friendly place.

The Flying Pig: This restaurant is a favorite for travelers on the road from Michigan to Florida. It's a casual spot where you can catch up on the latest gossip while having a good meal.

The Old Vault Tavern: If you want a little bit of history with your meal, drop by this restaurant in Virginia. It serves American fare, and it got its name from its building that was built in 1817. Owners say their food is "hearty & flavorful.

Tiny Tomato: This restaurant in Virginia is the "happiest place on earth" because of its interesting name and atmosphere. If you want to try their famous baked potatos, you'll have to make a reservation.

The Field & Fireside Inn: The Field & Fireside Inn is a family diner in Pennsylvania that serves comfort food from breakfast through dinner. You can find it on Route 19 in a town called Centerville.

The Yacht Club: This restaurant in Vermont's Lake Champlain region got its name from its building, which used to be a clubhouse for the local yacht club.

The Grill: From the moment you walk inside this eatery, which serves American fare, you are greeted by the smell of barbeque. The decor is themed after a 1950s diner and is housed in a 1910-era warehouse.

Duck Walk Inn: This restaurant in Wilmington, Delaware is a burger lover's dream. The "Bucket of Fries" is an appetizer that is loaded with tasty toppings and fries. The restaurant also serves American fare.

Artichoke Basille's: A family owned restaurant in Pennsylvania serves Italian-style food. Artichoke Basille's got its name from the Basille family, who frequented the restaurant when it first opened in 1943.

The Taste of Texas: This Virginia eatery is a Mississippi native's dream come true. The name came from the owner's love of barbecue food and his dream to one day open a restaurant there.

The Ram Restaurant: The Ram Restaurant serves New York-style pizza and sandwiches in Illinois. The name was inspired by founder Walt DeAngelo's former boss, who was named Joe Ramus.

The Dandelion Café: The Dandelion Café in California offers rustic, inspired American fare and has a unique name. Owner Lise Smith wanted to create a fun, neighborhood type of restaurant where her customers would feel like family.

The Dinosaur Café: The Dinosaur Cafe in Massachusetts is a great place to enjoy the hospitality of the people and the generous portions of mouthwatering American fare. It's also a great place for kids.

Jake's Good Burger: This Oregon restaurant offers hearty American cuisine and got its name from the owner's father. His father was a firefighter, and he called him "Jake" for that reason.

The Mission: This restaurant in Pennsylvania serves Mexican fare and got its name from a local mission. It moved into a building that once housed the original Notre Dame de Lourdes convent in 1903. The Mission is no longer there, but you can still see it by going to the restaurant.

The Palms Restaurant: The Palms Restaurant in Washington State serves American food from breakfast through dinner. Its name comes from the palm trees that are located nearby.

JoCo's Bar & Grill: This is an "old fashioned hamburger joint" that got its name from the owner's childhood nickname, "Jo-Jo." You can find it in Iowa.

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