45 Cafe Business Card Ideas

A business card, just like your cafe online menu, is an essential part of the business. If you want to make a memorable impression on your customers, give them something special to take with them. These days, there are many possible ways to make attractive and useful business cards. You can design your own or buy ready-made templates online or even order pre-made cards from the print shop. However, we see these as too expensive and time-consuming for people who don't enjoy this type of thing and prefer a more personalized experience that lets you show off your creativity.

Why is it difficult to design a business card?

Printed business cards are less personal than other printed materials. You should consider this before spending any money on a custom card. Therefore, there are many limitations and restrictions regarding the choice of images and text on the front side of your business card. You can't specify where the image or text will look best at different viewing angles, you can't move the text if you have to read it from several directions or you don't want to see the back of your card when you pass your card to someone else.

On other materials like flyers or brochures, you have more freedom in regards to positioning and typefaces. You can also print the entire image on one side of the page or even on both sides. In addition, the business card is much smaller than other printed materials and many designs are difficult to bear on such a small surface.

How to design a successful business card

To design a successful business card, you need patience and determination. If you have ever wanted to try it, then here are some fantastic ideas that will inspire you:

1. Typography printed business card.

If you're more interested in topics like typography and design, then this is for you. It's easy to create a stylish image in this way and make your business cards look clean, clever and luxurious.

2. Hand-written cards.

Sometimes it is enough to create a good impression on people. For those who think that this is the easiest way to do it, here's a few samples for inspiration:

3. The business card as an additional element of design.

The idea of using a business card as an additional element in the design of your products has become very popular over the past few years and many companies use this approach to create a unique style for their brochures, flyers, posters etc. You can display your contact details on printed products or even make them as an infographic.

4. Photo business cards.

If you're a photographer, then here's a great idea for you. How about printing your photos on your business card? In this way, you provide the customer with an award-winning souvenir and make them remember your photo session forever.

5. Cards from scratch.

If you don't want to buy any pre-made design templates and create your own business card from scratch, then here's a few samples of easy to do it but impressive results.

6. Your name in an unexpected place.

Sometimes it's just enough to put your name in a very unexpected place or form that makes the recipient remember you or at least google your name (not necessarily in a good way).

7. A unique design.

Using a unique design will make your business card stand out on the crowded shelf of ready-made business cards.

8. An interactive photo card.

This is one of the easiest ways to create a personalized business card. This idea is so popular that there are many suppliers on Shopify (where I got this photo). You can meet lots of other people with similar ideas - they use various programs to create unique and interactive designs that you can use as a template for yourself.

9. Business cards in shapes of other things, such as footballs, musical instruments or even tattoos.

10. Your business card as a mini-portfolio.

If you are an artist, photographer or other creative person, then this is for you. Instead of sending an empty card, add several examples of your work to create a mini-portfolio.

11. A business card with a small gift inside.

If you're sending a business card as part of additional advertising, then why not include a small gift? Here's some famous brands that use this method.

12. A business card for a small office.

If you work from an office with a small number of employees, then these cards are really funny and memorable.

13. The packaging is also the business card.

Packaging makes the product look good, but sometimes it's so spectacular that it adds its own advertising value to the product itself. This is what happened in the case of these particular cards.

14. Small business card as an interesting addition to your marketing campaign.

These guys are doing something similar to what I described above (although their design has always been like that).

15. The business card as an interactive advertising tool.

There are many smartphone apps which allow you to print your own business cards.

16. The product itself becomes a business card.

These are called "cardboards" and they are designed to look like ordinary cardboard items. You can get them in different colors or patterns and make them look more attractive by adding photos, graphics or other images on the design.

17. Flip business card form.

Flip business cards with a unique design for promoting musical concerts and other events.

18. A funny picture of yourself on your card.

19. A business card with a hidden message.

This is a funny idea to emphasize the fun and intimacy of the interaction between you and your client.

20. A business card in the shape of a skull.

21. A business card that gives you strength and faith in yourself.

22. The design is also an interesting addition to your Instagram profile.

23. A book cover for a new book or existing self-help guide with inspirational quotes from famous people from different countries.

24. A business card with your social media page (to help you receive more interactions and leads).

25. A business card that creates a unique effect on your website.

26. A business card with a USB flash drive.

This may seem strange, but if you are looking for a memorable and uncommon advertising tool, then this can be an interesting solution.

27. A business card with a USB flash drive.

28. A business card with a tablet computer.

In this case, the tablet is created as an advertising tool to attract attention to your web site. This is a good way to promote your products and services.

29. A business card that gives you strength and faith in yourself.

30. Business cards inspired by famous paintings (or movies).

31. A business card that's just for decoration.

32. A business card for Amsterdam artists (it was really easy to create because the design is so simple).

33. A business card for the work of a graphic designer.

34. A real touch of fantasy in a business card.

35. A business card with your band name (it's easy to get approved and you can also send it to events).

36. The downside of using this type of advertising is that people can copy your design and use it as their own business cards.

37. A business card with a photo background (just look at the eyes).

38. Business cards that are actually greeting cards.

39. Business cards as paper planes or seeds (also very easy to create, they just need some photos, graphics or special text).

40. Business cards with a funny photo.

41. Some business cards can be recognized even without the word "Card" because they are shaped like model cities.

42. A business card designed to look like a piece of cake (or anything that you enjoy).

43. A business card that offers your potential clients cookies in exchange for their business.

44. Business cards that can be used as a prop in an image from your website (you show the client how important their content is).

45. Business cards for people who love music (it's easier to get approved if there's music playing on a background).

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